Legally Speaking – Self-driving cars


JOPLIN, Mo. — Auto makers and other companies are racing to commercialize self-driving car technology.

Attorney Aaron Sachs discusses potential complications in this week’s Legally Speaking.

With self-driving cars becoming a reality, why isn’t everyone on board with them?

Attorney Aaron Sachs, said, “Concerns over the technology’s safety is the biggest hurdle. For example, there was a fatal car crash caused when a UBER self-driving test car struck and killed a pedestrian.”

Are self-driving cars would be an advancement in the transportation industry?

“Companies looking to benefit from the developing technology argue that it will provide benefits ranging from reducing congestion to safety. On the other hand, many fear that it will put truck drivers, UBER drivers and taxi’s out of business.”

How are self-driving cars being regulated? Is it on a national level or state by state?

“A Senate bill that aims to establish nationwide regulations for self-driving cars has stalled in Congress. Without federal direction, cities and states are left to act on their own, creating a patchwork of rules and red tape for companies that are now investing billions to develop this technology.”

What’s the bottom line for self-driving cars?

“It’s my opinion, that while it is in the future, it may not be mainstream in our lifetime.”

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