Legally Speaking – marijuana and immaculate conception


JOPLIN, Mo. — The term immaculate conception has been applied to the medical marijuana business and how they get the seeds to start growing pot.

Attorney Aaron Sachs discusses the legal issues with marijuana seeds in this week’s legally speaking.

Aaron, is it legal to have seeds to grow marijuana in Missouri?

“Well it is illegal to transport marijuana seeds into the state or to move them around the state. But what’s interesting, is under the new marijuana law, if you have a medical marijuana card, you can have a limited amount of plants. So the question is where do the seeds come from?”

So if it is illegal to have seeds to grow pot, then how do these plants get started?

“Well in states like Missouri, where they have passed similar laws, this has become known as immaculate conception meaning that the seeds just show up. Obviously this is not a miracle, but is a term in the industry when seeds are shipped into the state and law enforcement in effect turns a blind eye in order to get the marijuana industry up and running in the state.”

How is the state justifying the influx of marijuana seeds?

“Once the grower has their license, the seeds are considered legal. Law enforcement may step in, but in most states as long as the grower gets their license the seeds showing up is overlooked.”

What is the bottom line?

“Well regardless of how you voted on medical marijuana in Missouri, the industry is gearing up in Missouri.”

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