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JOPLIN, Mo. — Have you ever been talking with someone about a certain topic, or looking up that topic on your mobile device- only to have an ad for the same thing pop up in your news-feed later that day?

It could even appear as an ad on another device.

Attorney Aaron Sachs discusses some options to increase information security in this week’s Legally Speaking.

This week’s topic is social media and what companies know and do with the information they have gathered about your account. What can you do to keep online companies from monitoring activity?

“Well a few tips would include turn your location sharing history off in Facebook settings. Limit the apps from using data in the background. Set data alerts when apps use too much of your data. It’s also okay to decline permission when requested by an app if you don’t understand what you are agreeing to.”

What do they do with the information collected?

“It’s called target marketing. It’s easily done by tracking you using so-called ‘cookies.’ Cookies are like markers, or benchmarks, that you leave behind. It’s essentially your search history.”

Then why use social media at all?

“Well Facebook is a great utility if you want to stay in touch with friends and family, share photos, and see what other people are doing and are up to in their lives. But If you’re using Social Media, you also have to be aware that you’re giving the companies a ton of information about yourself and they are making profits by selling your information.”

What’s the bottom line?

“Well the internet and social media often are free, but if you are not careful, because it does come with a cost. Don’t be a victim. Protect you information and reputation online.”

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