Legally Speaking – 2020 Census Accuracy


JOPLIN, Mo. — The national census will be taken in 2020. The survey will attempt to count a country that has seen big changes in the last decade.

Attorney Aaron Sachs discusses some of the high tech census options in this week’s legally speaking.

Aaron, the national census will be taken this year, in 2020. Why is a census so important?

Attorney Aaron Sachs said, “The census determines the allocation of congressional seats and therefore impacts the political landscape of our country.It is also used for variety of other reasons including determining where to build vital infrastructure such as schools, roads and hospitals.”

How is the 2020 census different from prior census?

“The 2020 census will be the first “high-tech census,” means that internet response is now an additional option for filling out the survey, some have expressed concerns at the local level that the census will leave behind residents without access to the internet, but the internet survey is just one of several ways to participate.On the other hand, this option is more cost effective and an internet response will save the government money.”

What is the best way to get the message to the people that it is important to be counted in the census?

“As we gear up for the census, we need to raise awareness of the importance of the census. After all, it’s only every 10 years, and a lot of planning decisions are based on the outcome.”

What is the bottom line in completing an accurate census?

“By April 1st everyone should receive an opportunity to participate in the 2020 census. You can respond online, by phone, or by mail.”

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