Learning the signs of sexual abuse and human trafficking


Sometimes a little knowledge can be a powerful tool to prevent crime. Especially when it happens to children. That was the purpose of an event on the campus of an area university.

Would you be able to spot some of the signs that a young person has been sexually abused or might be caught up in human trafficking? A training event designed to help educate members of area faith communities was held inside the Anderson Criminal Justice Auditorium on the campus of MSSU. A panel made up of experts from a variety of backgrounds including, law enforcement, youth pastors, and faith based organizations that work with young people spoke about how to spot some of the signs of abuse.

“Giving them a lot of red flag indicators they can look for that kind of alerts them that a child might have some abuse going on in their lives and how to handle that but also how to protect their churches and their staff with really good policies and procedures,” says Jordynn Griffith, Lifechoices Advancement Director.

The event coincides with National Trafficking Awareness Month. Rapha House and Lifechoices were among the organizations that put on the event.

“I’m a survivor myself, I volunteer with the Children’s Center,” says Miranda Murdock.

Miranda Murdock was sexually assaulted by a babysitter when she was a young child, and  says it’s not enough for those in attendance to keep the information to themselves, she says young people need to hear it too and it may just prevent some of them from having to go through what she did.

“The more awareness we can get out into the community the more children we can reach and protect,” says Murdock.

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