Learning business tips at Economic Summit 2018


Want to get ahead in the business world? Why not pick the brains of others who’ve already made it big?

There’s a learning curve with anything, including starting and running a business. So how do you avoid making many of the mistakes that come with that process? Learn from those who’ve already gone through it.

That’s the goal of Economic Summit 2018 sponsored by the Joplin Regional Partnership and Arvest Bank of Joplin.

“We were very fortunate today to have a group of industry experts from a wide variety of industries come together share their expertise, share their experiences, tips that they had on how they address workforce issues,” says Chad Evans, Arvest Bank of Joplin, President & CEO.

One of the major issues facing business owners right now is the historically low unemployment rate which makes it hard to find qualified workers to fill job openings.

“Oh there’s no doubt in my mind that when it comes to mental health, the business community does have to get on board and stop the stigma,” says Dr. John Gaal, Carpenters Regional Council.

Dr. John Gaal says some employers are turning to military veterans to fill openings because of their work ethic and ability to be a team player. So he says having mental health services available to them or any employee for that matter not only is the right thing to do, but makes business sense.

“Businesses today are saying that they’re having trouble recruiting and sometimes more importantly retaining employees, if that’s the case they may need to look at aspects of how mental health impacts the productivity of their employees,” says Dr. Gaal.

The Eastern Shawnee Tribe is getting ready for its annual pow-wow. It’s scheduled for September 14 through the 16th and will be held at the Wyandotte Nation grounds. 

The event will feature native art and dance. There will also be competitions between drummers and junior dancers using Eastern Shawnee traditions, traditional storytelling as well as native food will be available for the public. 

If you are interested or want more information you can call the tribe at 918-666-7710.

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