LEAD Agency starts garden parties to fight food insecurity


In efforts of combatting food insecurity, the LEAD Agency launched its summer garden parties. 

The organization has been operating a community garden for the past five years and encourages people to grow their own food. Some of the items they grow include beans, cucumbers, sage, oregano and much more. The garden is open to the public, so people can come and take seeds to create their own gardens in their own homes. Since Miami is known as a superfund site, the organization prioritizes educating people on how to have a garden on contaminated land.

“Another garden just behind us and it’s a demonstration garden on how you can garden if you don’t know if your soil is good or if you know your soil is not good. So it’s a whole series on how you can do raised beds we’ve got one of everything,” says Rebecca Jim, LEAD Agency. 

These garden parties also serve as a fundraiser for the LEAD Agency to continue providing its environmental services. There will be at least four other garden parties held throughout the rest of the summer.  

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