LEAD Agency needs your help keeping Northeast Oklahoma clean


The Miami environmental protection group “LEAD Agency” is in need of help to keep Northeast Oklahoma clean.

The group previously had funds from an EPA grant to serve the community, but those have run out. They are in need of funding to allow them to test for lead in items with a new XRF machine, which in the past allowed them to find led in cups and toys. LEAD Agency also has aging computers–they are hoping as they gain more people they have the technological capacity to support them.

“If we don’t protect this environment from the environmental hazards. You won’t want to raise your kids here and it may not be safe for them grow up here. They need a safe home and no one’s going to do it if we don’t,” says Martin Lively, LEAD Agency.

Lively asks if you can donate anything to help them with their cause to contact the LEAD Agency at 918 542-9399.

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