Lawsuit filed against mother & semi-driver involved in accident that killed three kids


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SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) – A new lawsuit is filed against a mother who was driving her children, and a man driving a semi-truck when the two vehicles collided on July 18.

The crash happened on I-44 in West Springfield and killed three children.

The two drivers are being sued by the children’s father, Yonel Dobos.

The drivers and now defendants include Claudia Dobos, the children’s mother, and Erskine Pickwick, the semi driver from West Virginia.

Three of eight children to Claudia and Yonel Dobos were ejected and killed in the crash. Julia was six-years-old, Angelina was seven, and Olivia was eight.

The family is from Clever.

Yonel’s attorneys filed the lawsuit on behalf of him and his five other children, who were also in the crash and survived, saying they were subject to pain and suffering on top of him paying medical and burial expenses.

The lawsuit against Claudia claims she was partially at fault saying she was speeding, Not paying close enough attention and would’ve had time to stop or slow down but chose not to

The lawsuit claims Pickwick, the semi-truck driver, was also not paying close enough attention when he re-entered onto interstate after being parked on the shoulder.

Attorney’s also say Pickwick was driving too slow, didn’t use his signal, and failed to yield to Claudia’s van and Claudia, failed to stop or swerve to avoid the crash.

The suit also claims Pickwick had already driven for more than eight hours that day.

There are also several other names in the lawsuit, all of which or people or companies that were supposed to be supervising or overseeing Pickwick’s Commerical driving at the time.

Claudia has responded to the lawsuit, saying she denies any allegations against her.

Neither of the drivers involved in the crash has been charged in criminal court.

The attorneys for Claudia and Yonel Dobos have not commented about the lawsuit.

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