Lawrence County Sheriff recognized for dependability with Trust Award nomination


Lawrence County Sheriff Brad Delay has been in law enforcement nearly three decades. He’s seen about everything, good and bad, and says it’s just the way he planned it.

“It’s honestly just something that I’ve always wanted to do–it’s kind of a childhood dream,” Delay explained. “Kids grow up thinking they want to be firefighters or police officers, and it’s just something that’s always been in my mind.”

Delay began his career as a reserve officer in Lawrence County and was appointed sheriff eleven years ago. He’s also the Mount Vernon Fire Chief.

So, needless to say, his childhood dreams came true.

“Absolutely, I think we are very unique. Lawrence County is just an absolutely wonderful place to live,” Delay continued. “We’re a rural community, we rank near the top. In fact, if not still the top in a lot of areas. For example, cows and calves. We’re just a rural farming community and it’s just a nice slow place to live. Unfortunately, we still have the crimes that you see in the big cities. There are still drugs, there are still burglaries assaults, but we’re are still nestled in a nice area.”

“Being a county sheriff, he’s responsible for law enforcement all over the county,” said Mt. Vernon city administrator Max Springer.

Delay was nominated for the Trust Awards by a citizen in his community. Delay helped pass a law enforcement tax which brings nearly $2 million a year in additional revenue.

His community showed support of his efforts and law enforcement.

“One of the issues with any law enforcement agency across the United States, but especially the smaller rural agencies, obviously, is funding, and we were running into an issue,” Delay explained. “The cost just kept going up and going up. We had an over abundance of inmates in our jail, which was costing us a considerable amount of money and quite frankly, the county was in dire straights–almost to the point of literally running out of money.”

Delay has a wife, two children, a son-in-law, and three grandchildren. He was born in Oklahoma and graduated from Mt. Vernon High School.

He says he wanted to give back to his community…and he is doing just that.

“He does a lot in the community,” said Springer. “He’s a member of Rotary, I’d say overall, Brad’s a great asset to the community and the county.”

Delay says transparency in his department has always been priority and gaining trust from the citizens.

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