Lawrence County officials working to stay positive during covid-19 outbreak


LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. — Lawrence County has been adapting to the changes caused by the coronavirus and is trying to keep things positive for its residents.

Public officials of Lawrence County are working towards eliminating the negativity of the pandemic, and are working closely with the health department and emergency management.

They know it’ll require a team effort, but they’re doing whatever they can during this time to help local residents.

Bob Senninger, Presiding Commissioner Of Lawrence County, said, “We’re all in this together, and we have to work together to do our best to maintain our lifestyles as we know it as Americans. And, if we go crazy, and panic, and things change, we’ll never — we’ll never get back what we had and what we could have if we go too far, overboard on this whole thing.”

As leaders of the community, Senninger stated that maintaining a sense of normalcy is what’s best for its residents.

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