Lawmakers and state governor discuss taxes and contraceptives for women


JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Missouri’s governor calls a special session starting tomorrow with a hard deadline for lawmakers to renew an important tax.

Governor Mike Parson told the general assembly to find a compromise or face millions of dollars in budget cuts.

Parson believes lawmakers have agreed on a compromise, but there’s a debate on contraceptives like Plan B and abortion still to come.

“Come July 1, if FRA is not extended, my administration will be forced to make budget restrictions across state government.” Says Parson.

Less than 24 hours after the governor gave lawmakers an ultimatum, to renew the federal reimbursement allowance or force millions in budget cuts, Parson is calling members back to the capitol Wednesday.

The FRA brings in millions for Medicaid, just before his noon deadline Tuesday, senators in the conservative caucus sent a letter to Parson, urging him to immediately call the legislature back to prevent taxpayer dollars from being used to pay for abortion services.

Parson called out republicans Monday for holding up the renewal process.

“Narrow political interests cannot be allowed to hold hostage, vital healthcare funding and the success of our economy.” Says Parson.

By Tuesday, the governor had included language similar to what was in the conservative caucus letter.

The governor asking lawmakers to pass legislation that prohibits funding for abortion services and drugs, like Plan B.

Senate Minority Leader John Rizzo tweeted Tuesday, “The senate democratic caucus will not block birth control for women.”

The plan is for senators to be here in the capitol starting Wednesday, and possibly working through the weekend if needed.

Then representatives will come in Monday to do their part, with a goal of the FRA being renewed by July 1st.

Failure to renew this tax, could cost the state $1,400,000 over two years.

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