GALENA, Ks. — A new effort is underway to develop law enforcement across Kansas.

A new training module has been developed to help agencies investigate missing and murdered Indigenous people.

The program was developed by the Attorney General’s office, Kansas Bureau of Investigation and the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center.

Officials say this will help address many of the issues agencies face by focusing on topics like tribal sovereignty, human trafficking and resources available to help with investigations.

“That population has a historically higher rate of being missing or being murdered than other populations, particularly women. One study showed over a 30 year period, about 1,500 missing and murdered indigenous people with about 225 of those cases being assault. We want to be as well versed and informed as we can on these particular issues,” says David Groves, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.

The new program will be reviewed and updated by KLETC training developers throughout the year.

The next update will be the beginning of July next year.