Largest Garage Sale in the Area Set for This Weekend


The largest garage sale in the state of Missouri is underway in Neosho.

As Stuart Price tells us, the economic impact for the community will last longer than you might think.
The annual Neosho Garage Sale started Friday morning and wraps up Saturday.

Hundreds of residents, businesses and organizations are taking part in the annual event, including a Neosho church.
“Uh all of this is gonna go towards sending kids to youth camp, so it’s all gonna go to knock the price down on kids going to camp” said Shain Jordan, Youth Minister, Canopy Church.

“I’m a member of the Canopy so I’m here helping where I can if they need me to help, and as I’m going through straightening tables and stuff if I see something my kids could use I pick it up also” said Tiffany Ethridge, Canopy Church Member.

The event is an instant boon for the local economy because shoppers from outside of neosho will need to buy gas and food and other items as part of the shopping process.

“This is generally probably our two biggest days of the year on Friday and Saturday, probably our sales increase significantly, probably double during that time of what we normally would have” said Michael Grigg, Taco Gringo.
 But if you think it benefits the local economy just one weekend, Lauri Lyerla, who spent 20 years  at Mills Park Center Furniture and Appliances before joining the chamber, says think again.

“Sometimes we would have a garage sale, so we’d get that that business that way but the actual business of buying larger items like furniture and appliance on a new level, they were coming in the weeks after the garage sale with the money that they’d earn from the garage sale so we definitely saw the impact of that” said Lauri Lyerla, Ex. Dir., Neosho Area Chamber of Commerce.
In Neosho, Stuart Price, KSN local news.

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