Lamar’s Career and Technical Center’s carpentry class recently completed a home


LAMAR, Mo. — Students from Lamar’s Career and Technical Center’s carpentry class worked on building a house for their student project and it was recently completed this Spring.

Students from Lamar and other communities around the area helped construct the house, everything from framing to roofing, insulation and dry wall.

Juniors and seniors joined together to complete the two-year project, and building trades instructor Kasey Sheat says it’s something the students can look back on for quite some time.

Kasey Sheat, Lamar Career and Technical Center – Building Trades Instructor, said, “This is such a tangible, physical way that they can see, their work. And it’ll be here in ten years, twenty years when they come back to town. They can bring their own families by and see the house that they built when they were in high school so it’s really cool.”

The house is available right now and Sheat says it has already garnered a lot of interest.

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