Lamar students take part in mock interviews


LAMAR, Mo. — Students in the automotive program at Lamar Career and Technical School took part in mock interviews to gain experience for after school.

When students are in their junior year they work on mock interviews with their English teacher. Come their senior year they take part in being interviewed by a professional in the field.

This morning representatives from Bumper to Bumper Auto Parts and Crow-Burlingame followed by the co-owner of Fast-Eddies Hot Rod Shop and Auto Repair came and gave seniors real life interview experience.

To prepare students work on resume building, portfolios, and thank you letters.

Sam O’Neal – Senior, said, “The interview, I mean, an interview is an interview. It’s gonna help us no matter what road we take. It’s a really good opportunity.”

Bryan Brewer – Fast Eddies Hot Rod Co-Owner, said, “I think it’s important that they have understanding of what’s going to happen in an interview. One of the things that I kind of preach is soft skills, being on time and things like that. So, I look for that when I interview.”

Rick Piper – Automotive Instructor, said, “I have had students in the past that’s went through these mock interviews that actually were hired. You know, it’s not just somebody that’s doing an interview process, these are actually people from industry that are affiliated with the automotive industry that are coming in doing these interviews.”

Piper adds that he’s personally had four students get jobs from these mock interviews.

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