Lamar students showcase creativity


LAMAR, Mo — 8th graders at Lamar Middle School have been testing their creativity, while learning poetry.

The assignment for students in Vashti Stevensons language arts class started with items from home – trash included. The kids had to create a sculpture from the items – and then write a poem. The project is designed to teach them about the art of creative writing. One student used his family experience to help him.

Koen Littlejohn – Eighth Grader, said, “A lot of my family members served in the military, like my grandpa, and great grandpa my uncles. So, I’ve heard a lot of stories from them, so I just put some of those stories, and compared it to my poem.”

Vashti Stevenson – Eighth Grade Language Arts Teacher, said, “With this particular assignment, the point is to show that creativity isn’t necessarily something you’re born with, it’s a mindset. So you have to tell yourself I’m creative, I can be creative in any situation, and by using ordinary items to be creative it shows it doesn’t necessarily have to come from anywhere except your own mindset.”

Project winners received certificates.

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