Lamar students learn healthy habits


LAMAR, Mo. — Students at Lamar Elementary School are preparing for their Track In Field Day by learning healthy eating and exercise habits.

Third through fifth grade students at Lamar Elementary School were learning about the basic food groups all while learning how to make healthy snacks and blend a smoothie with the power of a spin bike.

Elaine Davis – Barton County 4H Youth Development Program Assistant, said, “We’re just trying to give our youth an opportunity to make a healthy choice when we have the opportunity to do that. And making that healthy choice is going to make them feel better, make them more stronger and just feel better all over.”

Harvey Fry – Physical Education Teacher, said, “It’s one of those things we need more and more. We need to hit it more often than what we do just with our society and as much as we’re eating out nowadays. Maybe brining it back home to where we’re getting these healthy snacks at home when we’re having a snack in between times.”

Third grade student Tanner Poff would agree with Coach Fry, and want’s to take some of what he learned home with him.

Tanner Poff – Third Grade, said, “I’m going to tell my mom that she needs to buy a blender so we can make smoothies.”

And it was all planned out to get the students ready for their upcoming track and field day.

“I just kind of encouraged them to think about eating smart and so they feel good, they sleep well and they make their bodies stronger so they have fun at their next track and field day,” said Davis.

Davis adds that it’s important to teach the youth about healthy practices so they can take what they learn throughout the rest of their lives.

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