Lamar students get hands on construction experience


LAMAR, Mo. — A lot of learning happens in the classroom. But one group of high school students in Lamar is getting the best of hands on experience.

High school students at the Lamar Career and Technical Center are building a house from the ground up.

Kasey Sheat – Carpentry Instructor, said, “We really take pride in our ability to produce live work for these kids. There’s nothing of more value than vocational education and hands on experience. We can give them all the book information, the text book information, but until you get your hands dirty and go out and do it, you don’t really understand the information that’s presented to you.”

This hands on experience is also a great resume builder. Preparing them for a career in carpentry if they decide to pursue it

“As they go forward and begin to apply for jobs, that looks really good when you apply. You can walk up and say yes, I have been apart of building a house from the ground up, you know we were there when they dug the footings and were part of the concrete work, all the way to the turn key finish work when we sell it.”

Tyler Howard – Class of 2022, said, “I think it’s really satisfying you know, to start off a job where it’s just an empty lot and by the end of it you can see something that you’ve built from the start to the buck finish. You know it feels really satisfying at the end and hopefully we’ll get there by next year.”

It’s more than just a resume builder and hands on experience, it’s working on a big project with friends.

“I didn’t know most of these guys before this year, and then we’ve grown into a tight group of friends and it’s just pretty fun to do. We’re both learning stuff that we both like to do and it’s just pretty fun all around.”

Once the exterior of the house is finished students will then go on to work on the interior next year — where it will then end up going on the market.

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