Lamar seniors give back to their community during last week of school


LAMAR, Mo. (KODE) – While graduation is nearing for high school seniors in Lamar, they were able to give back to the community that has been there for them all these years.

Seniors at Lamar High School spent their last day of school doing community service.

Giving back to the community that has helped them over the years.

“Our community does do a great job of supporting our students, and our school, and the seniors do have a little extra time after their class work is finished before graduation. So, this is a great way for them to volunteer and do some things for our community,” said Jennifer Beem, Lamar High School Principal.

Students spent their day going to businesses like Barton County Electric, the Barton County Library, and Thiebaud Auditorium, doing things like painting, cleaning cars, dusting and organizing books.

“Initially I was like oh gosh I don’t want to go pick up trash, but then I was like wait, actually these people kind of do a lot for me, maybe I don’t mind so much. So I kind of made up my mind on that day. You know what I’ll be fine with it, I’ll go out and do it. And I would of been fine doing it for a full day,” said Cooper Marti, Lamar HS Senior.

Community workers couldn’t be more happy with the help.

“No matter what it is we’re able to have the seniors do, we are so thankful each and every year that the school does this and supports the seniors doing some volunteerism for their community on their way out, and we are very very appreciative for all that they do,” said Heidi Johnson, Lamar Director of Parks and Recreation.

Not only was the help appreciated, but it was a great way to end their Tiger careers.

“It’s already like a lot of fun just being able to tag team and paint the walls and everything, so it’s just a good experience. It’s good to get out and get out of your comfort zone and to again help the community out and doing all that you can. Especially before we all take off to college. It’s good to just give back,” said Brayden Tabakian, Lamar HS Senior.

Once they finished up with their community service, they headed back to the high school, where they enjoyed a cookout, eating together as a class for one final time.

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