Lamar Rotary Club holds lunch and expo for veterans


The Lamar Rotary Club honors military heroes in honor of Veterans Day.

For more than a decade, veterans have been able to get a hot meal and recognition for their service. More than 100 people who have served our country attended the veteran lunch today. And this year, there was an addition to the lunch that could provide veterans with more helpful resources.

The coordinator of the event just wanted to give the attendees an honor they may not have always received.

Walter Powell, Air Force Veteran: “It’s a lot different than when I first got my return back to the North American continent.”

Air Force Veteran Walter Powell remembers a time when it wasn’t so great to be known as a veteran.

Walter Powell, Air Force Veteran: “Being a veteran was something that wasn’t much of an asset to you.”

Greg Clements, Veteran Lunch Coordinator: “In recent time they haven’t been honored and we’re here to say they should be honored.”

The Lamar Rotary Club honors these men with a lunch.
More than 100 veterans received a hot meal and camaraderie, while also being recognized for their service. 

Greg Clements, Veteran Lunch Coordinator: “Oh, you know our veterans have done so much for us, and in my own thoughts, the things they’ve faced for us, it’s the least we can do to honor them during this time.”

Jack Kirk, Army Veteran: “The thought of our country and our family and what it meant to be a part of the United States.”

And the Rotary Club took the lunch a step further — adding an expo to the event to help veterans get any additional services they may need, like financing help and veterans affairs. 

Greg Clements, Veteran Lunch Coordinator: “We’re finding a lot of times there are little pockets of veterans that don’t have the resources or their needs being met. And we hope that this can fill that need.”

Jack Kirk, Army Veteran: “This is something I’ve always liked to be able to do.”

Greg Clements, Veteran Lunch Coordinator: “Not that we’re making a big to do, but you know somebody needs to be saying thank you.”

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