LAMAR, Mo. — A fixture in the Lamar community was celebrated today.

A retirement party was held in honor of Deputy Chief of Police John Davis. He’s worked for the department for 36-years. But his work in law enforcement is far from finished.

Last week, he beat out two other finalists and was named the new Police Chief of Ash Grove.

Davis is originally from the Springfield area, and has family still living in the area.

“That’s one of the biggest incentives is moving back home to family. I have a brother in Springfield, a sister in Willard, another sister in Strafford so it’s just getting us back home to family. In Lamar was the, not so much the criminals but the community. The support you get from the community. Lamar supported us, Barton County has supported us, just fantastic over the years with monetary, with bringing us food, just or good words to us. You know, being able to drive up and down the streets and say hello to people and know them by name, I mean, it just means a whole lot to me,” said Davis, New Ash Grove Police Chief.

Davis says he plans to implement several community outreach programs he’s helped establish in Lamar to the Ash Grove Police Department, including a Shop-With-A-Cop program.

The process of replacing Davis in Lamar is underway.