Lamar CTC helps students advance towards future careers


LAMAR, Mo. — Welding students at Lamar Career and Technical Center took the next steps towards their future.

Joe Francis, Senior, said, “It was kinda, very inspirational, kinda moving, definitely a little moving”

That’s how Lamar Career and Technical Center Senior, Joe Francis felt after passing his welding test. With the hard work and learning from his instructor, Ryan Seela, he’s A.W.S certified.

Ryan Seela – Welding Instructor, said, “The students are getting certified to be able to go out in the field and actually weld on certain projects. They’re also, by certifying them it makes them able to go out and attain a job, or at least take another test for a job they’re trying to hire on to get.”

To get the certificate, Francis says it took a lot of hard work.

“We got a pipe and all that set up, whatever, then we just weld it out, you got like the roots, and then fill it and cap it and everything. Then we cut it out afterwards, after they say it’s all good, then grind it, whatever, just turn it in a little strip,” said Francis.

But not everyone got so lucky. The difference between passing and failing was a small mistake.

“We’re talking minimal flaws of they can not have any more than one-eighth of an inch total distance continuities in that guided bend test. That could be porosity, it could be undercut, it could be a slag inclusion, anything like that,” said Seela.

Since Francis didn’t have any of these flaws, he say’s he’s excited to see what the future holds.

“Probably go and get more certificates, and then maybe after that I’ll just have to see,” said Francis.

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