Lamar City Hall will soon be moving into the old U.S. Bank building


LAMAR, MO – One office in Southwest Missouri will soon move to a new location, bettering its office space and the space of others.

City hall in Lamar currently shares building space with the police department.

Because of that, they don’t have nearly as much space as they would like.

But soon enough, they will be moving into the old U.S. Bank building on the town square.

“The current City Hall building has been pretty tight and compact in here. We got a lot of people trying to inhabit a small space, so we decided we’d try and look for something a little bit larger.” Says Russ Worsley, Lamar City Administrator.

The new space was purchased for $150,000.

With it, they won’t just have more office space, but will be able to conduct meetings easier.

“It’s gonna be a nice space over there too because we’re going to have an area where we can have our council meetings in that building. Currently we’re having to go over to a different building in town to have council meetings, but we’ll be able to have that at City Hall going forward.” Says Worsley.

Not only will the relocation of city hall benefit city workers, but the police department as well.

“We’re excited about it. We’re limited on space now, office space, evidence storage, we need an interview room when victims come in and report a crime, so we don’t have those things now.” Says Joe Moore, Lamar Police Chief.

Currently, when people report a crime at the police station, they do it in the front lobby.

Taking over all of the current city hall will fix that.

“That doesn’t lead to much privacy. We would like to have an interview room which the victim can go into with an officer, sit down in a friendly environment and report the crime they’re a victim of.” Says Moore.

City hall is expected to make its move in the next 6 to 8 months.

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