“It’s a home cooked, fresh, good, hearty meal,” said minister Dru Ashwell.

First Christian Church of Lamar has been taking care of the carnival workers during the lamar free fair for more than a decade.

“We thought we want to be good hosts. We want to be hospitable. What’s one thing we could do to let those who are coming to our town know that they are cared for? So we thought we’d serve a meal,” Ashwell explained.

Carnival workers received a warm plate full of cheesy potatoes, green beans, ham, and plenty of desserts–all free of charge. And, the community really steps up every year to help out.

“Our church actually makes this an annual part of our budget. We ask for volunteers to cook desserts and so lots of people, probably a couple dozen different people, are involved in pulling this off,” Ashwell added.

One carnival worker travels all year long for his job, so he appreciates the warm welcome Lamar always gives.

“Y’all are all really polite to us. We work hard all night every week going state to state. We’re really glad to be here,” said worker Brian Cohran.

And with this hearty meal, Cohran says he will be in good spirits the rest of the week.

“We’ll stay positive with this meal,” Cohran added.

More than 150 people were served today at First Christian Church of Lamar.