Lakeside Elementary brings Yellowstone exhibit to life


A local elementary school brings a national park to life.

The fourth grade students went all out to create the exhibit for visitors to see. The idea came from, simply, one of the teacher’s visit of the park over the summer.

This simulated eruption of Ol’ Faithful was just one part of the spectacle put on by Lakeside Elementary fourth grade students. The elementary school welcomed visitors to their version of Yellowstone National Park.

“The kids have done all of the research, they have created different sections for some of the different parts of Yellowstone,” says Tyana Maiseroulle.

“Lakeside does a great job of putting on things like this. We’re excited to come see what the kids have been working so hard on. It’s just a wonderful event,” says Travis Akins.

Not only were the kids responsible for the research, but, they were given tour guide duty for all of the visitors.

“It is amazing to see them. They take so much ownership in it. They just decided this is something they get to do and they make it great and we just get to watch them shine,” says Tyana Maiseroulle.

Akins’ son was very much into his character.

“He’s playing Teddy Roosevelt and we actually just got back from Mount Rushmore so he was kinda excited to see he was playing somebody whose from Mount Rushmore, and he’s really getting into the part, so I see a trip Yellowstone in our future,” says Travis Akins.

Maiseroulle said they received some suggestion for what to display from Pitt State’s “Nature Reach” Environmental Education program.

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