Lake Fort Scott concerns push city to form advisory board


The lake covers about 200 acres in Southeast Kansas.

And, residents on the lake are having concerns about safety on the water, such as how many boats are out and how fast people are going.

And when it comes to further developing the area, the city says they would need to take a closer look at their zoning policies to see what can be done.

City leaders are hopeful the formation of this new group provides insight on issues to get them figured out once and for all.

“We had a lot of frustration from citizens that they just felt like they weren’t being listened to, so this is a way for our commission and myself to step up and get people to the table and try to talk these issues out,” explained Fort Scott city manager Dave Martin.

Martin says they have already seen a lot of interest in the community in getting this advisory board started.

At this time, they are searching for seven residents to fill vacancies on the board.

If you are interested in applying, click here.

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