Labette County sees numerous stop signs vandalized


LABETTE COUNTY, Ks. — The Labette County Sheriff’s Office is increasing patrols in Parsons after multiple stop signs were damaged.

7 stop signs around Parsons have been damaged.

Some time last week, three stop signs on Lyon Road near 400 were reportedly damaged.

Four more signs were also reported in other areas around Parsons.

Most of the signs were knocked down or pushed over, while some were pulled out of the ground.

Darren Eichinger, Labette County Sheriff, said, “We would encourage anybody to call and let us know if they’ve seen vehicles out there late at night or if they have information pertaining to any of these stops signs being pulled. It’s a hazard for everybody who drives. If they don’t see the stop signs is not there, people aren’t going to stop.”

The County Public Works Director says signs can be damaged periodically, but when damage is clustered in the same area, it raises red flags.

County crews have replaced the signs in the affected areas.

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