PARSONS, Kans. — Authorities in Parsons reported two separate incidents Thursday of dog shootings taking place within the city – one of which caused a school to go on lockdown.

The first attack happened around 11:30 AM when PPD responded to a call for a dog shot in the 1500 block of Grand. A “pit bull type” dog with three legs was shot in one of its legs and was later euthanized by a veterinarian.

Witnesses described hearing a single shot and had varying descriptions of a 20-40 year-old white male suspect, wearing camoflaugue clothing and carrying a black backpack.

Police did stop one person during a sweep of the area but witnesses could not identify this subject and authorities could find no evidence of their involvement. A K-9 officer was dispatched as well but did not locate a suspect.

This shooting caused Garfield School to go into partial lockdown with staff telling parents exterior doors would remain locked and manned until the area was secured.

A second attack occurred just before 7:00 that evening in the 2600 block of Stevens, 1.6 miles northwest of the first shooting, PPD specified in their release.

Another pit bull was shot a single time, but was taken by its owner to a local veterinarian and will reportedly survive after surgery.

PPD’s following gird search turned up no suspects. No witnesses for this shooting has made the investigation especially difficult.

Parsons residents near both incidents are being asked to check their doorbell cameras or CCTV footage. Anyone with information on these cases is being asked to contact the department or their local law enforcement agency.

Parsons Police add that a $34,000 reward still remains (plus $5,000 through PETA) for the information leading to the arrest of the suspect involved with last year’s dog killings.

“I am passionate about bringing these people to justice. The unlawful killing of animals in this city needs to stop. The two dogs yesterday were both pit bulls, and it can only be speculated that the shooter or shooters were targeting a specific breed. Until we have all of the facts we will not know for sure,” said Parsons Police Deputy Chief Dennis Dodd.