PARSONS, Kans. — Officials from a national nonprofit were in Southeast Kansas today to witness their efforts in action.

The Parsons Police Department opened its doors to K9s4COPs.

Based out of Houston, Texas, this was the first chance its representatives got to see the newest member of the police department, K-9 officer Morgan. The organization played a role in getting her on the force.

It reached out following the December murder of a puppy belonging to a Parsons police officer.

It also provided more than $12,000 to help purchase and train K-9 officer Morgan.

“People always say when you get scared, you call an officer. When they feel that they need backup, they call a K9 unit, and it’s just relational, community policing, and we just want to say thank you for everything that they do,” said Kristi Schiller, K9S4COPS Founder.

“K9s are force multipliers. They make our limited staff much more effective in being able to figure out some of the worst folks in the community,” said Robert Spinks, Parsons Chief of Police.

Since being founded 11 years ago, K9s4COPs has provided 300 dogs for law enforcement agencies across the country.