PARSONS, Kans. — A new non-profit is hoping to make a difference in healthcare across Southeast Kansas, and it’s taking a unique approach to doing so.

“There’s just not a lot of this stuff around. This is kind of our step-one project,” said Kristin Harlan, Crown of Power President.

It’s been a long journey to make a difference for Harlan.

After struggling to find a therapist for her son, she decided to work to make a place that would. Not just for her son, but for families like hers.

“No place wanted to take his insurance, so I really wanted to provide a place where people could come, that they could use their insurance. They didn’t have to pay cash up front, they didn’t have to come out of their pocket,” said Harlan.

Here horses are the therapists.

Through the connection clients develop with them, Crown of Power helps treat things like autism, epilepsy, and at-risk youth.

Since becoming a 501(c)(3) back in February, the organization has seen a big reception from families across the community.

“We immediately called Kristin and talked to her and I felt an immediate connection because of our similarities with our children. The first session we came out, my son Owen was just around the horses. Now he’s been to five sessions and I want to cry every time I come. It’s just really amazing to watch him do things that I did not know he could do or would ever want to do or feel comfortable doing,” said Ashley Heady, Client.

Now, Harlan is working to expand what Crown of Power can offer for families, and the horses themselves.

“We’re trying to get more and more people involved, but we do want to get a temperature-controlled facility built to where we can run two classes at a time, and then we’re going to do a sanctuary rescue and so horses can find their forever home with us,” said Harlan.