PARSONS, Kans. — A 63-year old male is in custody after an investigation of a bombing that occurred early Monday morning.

The man has been identified as James Dale Sutton. He is being charged with criminal use of explosives, possession of commercial explosives to commit crime arson, and intentional to non-dwelling of another without consent.

James Dale Sutton

This incident is still under investigation by the ATF, FBI, KBI, Parsons Police Department, and Labette County Sheriff’s Office. More details will be updated as they become available.

PARSONS, Kans. — A bomb was detonated inside of a dumpster in Parsons Monday morning.

A deputy arriving to the courthouse early Monday morning noticed something “had happened” to a nearby dumpster, authorities released in a statement. The dumpster in question sits in the southeast corner of the judicial parking lot.

The deputy viewed prior surveillance video and in the footage spotted a suspect placing an item into the dumpster at 4:55 AM which later exploded.

The blast launched shrapnel throughout the block and blew out one business’s window. No injuries were reported.

The person in the video was identified authorities said and arrested at his home.

ATF, FBI, Parsons PD and Labette County Sheriff’s Office are all working the investigation.