Labette County Commission moves forward with wind farm plans


LABETTE COUNTY, Kan.–Labette County is one step closer to having its own wind farm.

County commissioners recently signed off on a moratorium, allowing the wind farm company to continue researching Labette County as a host. RWE, a German-based wind energy company, will continue to access the environmental, health and infrastructural effects of bringing turbines to the area. The turbines will placed in the southwest portion of the county, through Edna going to Lake Parsons.

Allowing the company to move forward with their research allows the county to continue to seek the best options for its citizens.

“We’re not anti, we’re not pro,” Commissioner Doug Allen explained. “Alternative energy is the way of the future. I’m for it, but we have to be in a position to protect Labette county and our infrastructure and our citizens.”

The moratorium states that no wind energy project shall be constructed within Labette County prior to November 7th. If things continue to move forward as planned, turbines could be up as early as 2021.

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