Labette Community College celebrates opening of new event center


Labette Community College unveils a new addition to their campus Tuesday morning.

Through a generous donation from a community member, the college now has an event center. What previously stood as a vacant building will now host campus events, classes and seminars.

This is the first event space to be added to the school, and faculty say this reflects how quickly the school is growing.

“Currently, Labette Community College has plenty of classroom space,” explained Bethany Kendrick with the college. “We do have a theater space, but we don’t have a wide open space that would be really conducive to large amounts of people for meetings, in-service, classes, things of that nature. So, this is a great, wide open space that can be utilized not only for campus needs, but for community needs as well.”

Kendrick adds the school already has multiple events planned to be hosted in the new building.

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