La Russell Special Road District to hand over operations to Jasper County


A Southwest Missouri road district will soon shut down completely, handing operations over to Jasper County.

Leaders of the La Russell Special Road District are asking the county commission to take over repairs and maintenance in their area. It covers about 11 miles of roadway. But the tax base in La Russell hasn’t been keeping up with the costs of road work, prompting the decision to shut down the district.

“A motor grader’s over 500 thousand. You know it would take them forever to buy the motor grader and then you’ve got to pay someone to run it, and fuel and parts,” says John Bartosh, Jasper County commissioner.

Residents in the La Russell Road District are currently passing a petition to make the request official. But Jasper County commissioners have given preliminary approval to allow county road crews to help take care of roads in the area.

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