KSN and KODE employees volunteer during Founder’s Day of Caring

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of our parent company, Nexstar Broadcasting, we particpated in the United Way Day of Action with more than 40 employees from KSN and KODE volunteereing in today’s Founders Day of Caring event.
“And it allows our clients to see that uh there are people out there who care about of facility and about the women and children who are here and that can do a long way in helping them know that there is a community out there that wants them to uh seek a better life,” says Development Director Louise Secker.
The Lafayette House supports more than 1,400 mothers and children a year, providing domestic violence intervention, substance abuse treatment, sexual assault counseling, child care and more.
“We see um women who feel that they don’t really have any other options you know they’ve been really broken I would say by either physical or emotional abuse and so when they do finally make that change or that choice to get help it can be really life changing,” says Secker.
Our volunteers also supported the Boys and Girls Clubs where they painted and helped with landscaping work. Volunteers used their shovels and rakes to plant at the Circles Community Garden, at the Children’s Center of Southwest Missouri, they got to work by doing some light cleaning and organized sheds and cleaned classrooms at the Heritage Youth YMCA Center.
priscilla mace, kode news producer:
“Organizations like the YMCA do such great things and you know it probably sounds cliche that we’re happy to give back, but we really are. We’ve gotten a lot of comments from the kids they’re so happy to see us, we’ve been happy to see them and the people here at the YMCA have been great so we really couldn’t ask for a better way to spend a Friday morning,” says KODE News Producer Priscilla Mace.
Along with 115 of our stations across the country, our goal is to reach 20-thousand volunteer hours in honor the of 20th anniversary.
“we provide news, we provide news we provide information and we serve our community and one of the ways that we feel like it is important to serve our community is to give back through volunteering and so this is just a day that in all in the local markets across the country that have nexstar stations, they’re giving back to there community by volunteering,” says KSN/KODE General Manager John Hoffmann.

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