KS Supreme Court hears arguments on new education funding plan


Thursday, Supreme Court justices heard arguments on the new four year plan. Last year, the court ruled that the legislature didn’t adjust for inflation in future years. So lawmakers added $90 million for each of the next four years. The education budget includes billions of dollars, but not everyone thinks that is enough money.

“We’re still not to the point where we can look to the achievement scores, the graduation rates, the sizes of classrooms, and say we are providing the kids in Kansas a suitable education. We’re not there yet, but we’re getting closer,” says Schools for Fair Funding Attorney Alan Rupe.

“I’ve been on this court 14 years, and 11 of those 14 years, there’s been ongoing school finance litigation, first two years of montoy, and approximately 8-9 years of this case. Is there every crossing the finish line in these types of cases?” says Kansas Supreme Court Justice Eric Rosen.

The education plan passed with bipartisan support through the house and senate and was signed by the governor right away.

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