Koinonia Housing Project


   A Missouri Southern campus ministry is working to provide more housing for students.

   Koinonia Campus Ministry is at Missouri Southern has been around for more than fifty years and now they have place for their students to live off campus.

  “We built these. these are about nineteen hundred square feet, four bedroom two bath so their are five students in each house.” says Koinonia Campus Minister David Weaver

  This has been a decades old dream for the program, with the first two homes finished just last summer. The ministry holds multiple activities and events for students, including bible study sessions.

  “An opportunity for students to not only bump elbows on the campus, but get to know each other even better by living together.” says Koionia Board member Doug Lawson

  Students that have moved in say they have enjoyed this new living experience with their fellow koinonia members.

  “Very exciting to kind of be on the for front of all of this. ya know just being so close the campus is really nice.” says student Kyle Prater 

  And some are excited to watch their community continue to grow, with plans of adding even more new homes to the area.

 “Just even with these two houses a lot of stuff goes on like every day and every weekend. so having a lot more people and having a lot more people in stuff we do is gonna be even more fun.” says student Jet Moua

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