KODE Medical Focus: Minor Sports Injuries


JOPLIN, Mo. — It could be a sprained ankle or a kink in your neck that won’t go away. Many patients tend to ignore minor injuries — but in some cases that can lead to much bigger medical issues.

“All sorts of things show up, sprains and aches and pains,” said Dr. Ryan Sorell, Primary Care.

It could be ankles, or knees or shoulders. Some times, some TLC at home is all it takes.

“Initially managing that at home kind of the old rice therapy so you know compression and elevation and rest and anti-inflammatories and those things are still good first line, you know, treatments to try and take care of those types of injuries,” said Dr. Sorell.

But in other cases, a trip to the doctor’s office could be crucial.

“If something’s going on, you’ve kind of addressed it at home by yourself and it’s going on more than a couple of weeks, it’s probably worth getting checked out. There may be something else kind of going on or something underlying that you can address to kind of help prevent that or get make it better,” said Dr. Sorell.

An MRI or X-ray could help address the pain and point to the best fix for your problem.

“You know instability or unlocking kind of mechanical symptoms or, you know my knee or my ankle or elbow or shoulder whatever that joint is is kind of getting stuck or you know my motion is changing. Usually there’s something mechanical but beneath that where you know there’s a tear or underlying inflammation or some sort of, You know, injury or damage that needs addressed,” said Dr. Sorell.

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