KODE Medical Focus: Breast Cancer


JOPLIN, Mo. — Tonight, we continue our focus on October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And specifically on mammograms and the difference an early diagnosis can make.

“It’s disappointing that more women don’t come in,” said Dr. Alan Buchele, Freeman Women’s Pavilion.

Because Freeman Dr. Alan Buchele knows local patients will get breast cancer. And an early diagnosis can be crucial in what happens next.

“We’re doing a little better, we’re fighting breast cancers on early diagnosis and so women who may have presented at a later diagnosis or diagnosed earlier were so we do have some survival improvements but it’s not near where we would like for it to be,” said Dr. Buchele.

Dr. Buchele says about 50 percent of women eligible for a mammogram don’t get tested.

“So there’s a lot of women out there who are for one reason or another not coming in and getting their mammogram, whether it’s here in Joplin or Missouri or anywhere else in the country,” said Dr. Buchele.

He points out the test is quick.

“It doesn’t take very long — techs are all pros at doing them,” said Dr. Buchele.

And if you have been avoiding it due to a bad experience in the past, he hopes you’ll reconsider.

“We used to put the breast in quite a bit of compression, and now it’s not as painful as it had been in the past,” said Dr. Buchele.

There’s more on Freeman mammogram events this month here.

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