KODE Medical Focus: Birthing plans


JOPLIN, Mo. — Pregnant moms have a lot to juggle in those weeks leading up to delivery.

Building a birthing plan ahead of time can help eliminate some of the unknowns, especially for first-time moms.

“So basically labor, are you going to have medicated, unmedicated birth. Baby, do you want your baby to have Hepatitis B vaccines, Vitamin K to help blood clotting, or eye ointment. Also, how are you feeding your baby? What are your feeding plans. If you’re having a boy, do you want circumcision, I mean, those things are all part of the birth plan,” said Nichole Howe, Cert. Nurse Midwife.

Checking every box before the labor pains get serious.

“What kind of medication do you want – could be anesthesia, could be IV medication,” said Howe.

Planning ahead of time gives expectant moms time to think about options like a water birth or whether their hospital limits a patient’s food and drink.

“Some patients can eat and drink during labor and some places they can’t – so yeah, it’s good to know, you know, what you’re getting yourself into,” said Howe.

Of course, there’s no guarantee the birthing plan won’t change.

“It is a plan. It’s not concrete. There are medical complications that can occur in pregnancy that will totally disrupt your whole plan, it doesn’t necessarily mean your birthing experience has to be a bad one. If you don’t get everything you want. The main goal is just to have a healthy mom and a healthy baby when you’re done,” said Howe.

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