KODE Employees Volunteer on Founder’s Day of Caring


“We just wanted to step up our curb appeal and literally paint the curb, it was kind of sad before,” says Emily Marion with the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Missouri.

And now it’s hard to miss that bright blue curb signaling the Boys and Girls Club. KODE volunteers helped out with painting and landscaping.

“We’re a local broadcasting company and that’s why we serve out local community and one of the ways is to give back through volunteering as a group, as a station, as a company, as individuals,” says KSN/KODE General Manager John Hoffmann.

About 45 station employees volunteered, tackling storage sheds in need of a good cleaning and organizing at the Heritage Youth Development Center through the YMCA in Webb City. Others were inside with paint brushes.

“We have about 200 kids that touch our walls up for us everyday and so it’s great to get some fresh paint on it,” says Lisa Williams with the Heritage Youth Development Center.

“Organizations like the YMCA do such great things and it, it probably sounds cliche that we’re happy to give back, we really are,” says KODE Producer Priscilla Mace.

It was a hot few hours in the sun for others volunteering at the Community Garden. Shoveling, raking and planting topped the list of tasks to get the garden looking its best. A few blocks away, a fresh coat of paint kept Founder’s Day volunteers busy at the Lafayette House, cutting down on the chore list and boosting morale.

“It involves the community in our services and it allows our clients to see that there are people out there who care about our facility and about the women and children who are here,” says Louise Secker with the Lafayette House.

And the Children’s Center also benefited, with volunteers helping with landscaping, painting and a general clean.

The Founder’s Day of Caring is held in honor of the 20th anniversary of the founding of our parent corporation Nexstar Broadcasting with a goal of 20,000 volunteer hours across the country.

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