King Jack Park trail to see improvements


WEBB CITY, Mo. — A portion of a popular walking trail in Jasper County will soon receive a bit of a facelift.

MODOT workers will start work on a stretch of trail in King Jack Park near Highway 171 in Webb City. The purpose, is to bring all of the surface up to ADA standards.

That could involve leveling some of the trail out to make it easier for residents in wheelchairs. Webb City City Administrator Carl Francis says the work should make the trail even busier than it already is.

Carl Francis, Webb City City Manager, said, “As you can see, it’s used constantly all day, especially during good weather, the trail goes all the way into King Jack Park, all the way around the baseball fields, it’s used a lot, I think it also connects to the Frisco Trail, that makes it a useful part of the walking trail.”

Surface work could begin as soon as Monday. A MODOT engineer says the work will be done in the evenings in order to cause as little impact to highway traffic as possible.

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