Kindness Diaries host speaks at Crowder College


NEOSHO, Mo. — A host of a Netflix series comes to a local college today to share the message of kindness.

Leon Logothetis is a part of a series called Kindness Diaries.

In the show, he travels the world and relies entirely on the kindness of others to survive.

Logothetis came to Crowder College to talk about his journey and explain how kindess is everywhere we look.

He made 2 appearances followed by a meet and greet afterwards.

Leon Logothetis, The Kindness Diaries Creator, said, “When I heard that Crowder College wanted me to come and speak was ‘Yay, let’s do it!’ You know kindness is universal. It doesn’t matter if you are in a small town or a big town. It doesn’t matter if you are in the Middle East or if you are in Africa or in America, kindness is a part of who we are.”

Logothetis says season 3 of his Netflix series will take place in Scotland through Singapore.

This event was sponsored by Crowder College’s Trio Program.

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