Kids show off their animals at the Jasper County Youth Fair

The Jasper County Youth Fair is in full swing this week with kids showing off their animals.

Ten year old Myles Massey has spent almost a year preparing his cattle for this year's Jasper County Youth Fair.

“I'm trying to show them and make the sale so I can sell them and make a few thousand dollars,” says Myles Massey.

Myles used the money he had made from a sale at last year's fair to buy his first cows and has enjoyed working with the animals despite the extra chores.

“You have to feed them every morning, you have to water them every night, you have to rinse them every day. Have to put fans on them and try to make their hair grow,” says Myles Massey.

Like Massey, Kara Cloud is also showing off her animals as well and has been doing so since she was only four years old.

"My parents have always shown livestock and they've been involved in the ag culture industry and I've always had a passion for this,” says Kara Cloud.

Her dedication and passion have helped her get into a position to help other children become better competitors.

“I will be serving as a board member of the American Junior Simmental Association. So I will basically advocate for people in the south central region. And I will be a mentor to those younger kids,” says Cloud.

And while Massey and Cloud are two very different exhibitors, raising animals has taught them the same lesson.

“I have learned that hard work pays off and if you don't work hard and you don't put in the work then you aren't going to be successful."

"It feels good knowing that it's going to go somewhere at some point and pay off eventually,” says Myles Massey.

There are plenty of events that are planned for the rest of the week. You can find a complete list of activities here.

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