Hello!  I’m Debra Wever, your local kid-caster.

I am 12 years old and I go to school in Carl Junction. I have 7 seven siblings, my favorite sports are basketball and volleyball. I am part of a group called Friends of Rachel where I enjoy being an advocate for teens in crisis. I was selected through a contest held this last summer by KSN and KODE to find the best kid-caster in the Four States and I am excited to be here!

The first story I want to bring you comes from my junior high school. We have a group called Teens for Christ, and we meet each Friday morning before school to have a devotional and to pray for each other and the kids in our school. There are sometimes as many as 40 kids in the group.

We are lead by two local youth pastors, Kenan Klein from the Christian Church of Carl Junction and Jordan Andler With Fir Road Christian Church. We also have a member of the Carl Junction staff at the meeting with us. Kids really enjoy being in this group because this group tries to help others with problems they might no feel comfortable talking to others about.

If there are Carl Junction students out there who would like to join, they can do so by contacting the junior high school office or their counselors.

Moving on to our next topic, we’re going to be talking about a project led to expand a Carl Junction playground to give special needs kids more access a boost. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is giving the “Power of Play” campaign $250 thousand dollars. Supporters point out they’ve already gotten a number of other grants and donations, but add this is a big step toward meeting their overall goal.

“That is halfway to our mark. And with the other funding that we’ve already received from other grants and donations, we are at 70 percent,” says Heather Lindscheid, CJ R-1 occupational therapist.

The project still needs another $153 thousand dollars, money they hope to raise by the end of the year. That will pay for an expansion at the playground used by 2nd to 6th grade students. Work is expected to be complete in time for the start of school next year.

I know there are lots of stories out there, and I’d love to do a report about your school. If you have an idea for a story, or would like to be on my show, you can email my news director at We would be happy to report on the stories that you want to hear.

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