Key to the City necklace

“I’ve been making jewelry on and off probably throughout my life,” said Ivy Hagedorn, artist.
Ivy Hagedorn has a very unique way of doing it.
“Generally, I work with vintage and antique components. So everything is a bit repurposed,” said Hagedorn. 
Her next project has some people talking.
“This is just something that people can wear and really kind of show their pride and where they come from,” Hagedorn explained. 
She calls them “Keys to the City.”
“I take all these vintage keys and some of them I paint just to get a little pop of color. And then I hand stamp these little tags that say JOMO on them,” she said. 
Hagedorn decided to link up with the Downtown Joplin Alliance to start a movement that’s got everybody spreading the word.
“A new program that we started here at Downtown Joplin and just a way for people to talk about Joplin in a way that is organic kind of natural conversation,” said Callie Hudson, Downtown Joplin Alliance Executive Director.
It’s simple. You buy a necklace and put it on. Wear it around a while and if someone asks about it, you tell them how much you love your city.
“This is an opportunity to talk about why you should choose Joplin,” said Hudson. 
After you’ve had your conversation about Joplin, you give that person the necklace. The idea is to have these necklaces spread to all parts of the country. It appears to be working.
“Some have gone to Chicago and to Texas, and so we hope that we’ll be able to figure out a way to kind of, a way to track that and figure out just how far they go,” said Hudson. 
“You’re about to go on a trip, ‘hey, take your key to the city with you.’ You know, give it to somebody in England, or you know, India, something like that. I just think that that would be a really great way for us to be ambassadors for Joplin, Missouri,” said Hagedorn. 
The necklaces cost $20 and can be purchased at the Downtown Joplin Alliance’s main offices located at 515 South Main Street. Part of the proceeds will fund future projects from the Downtown Alliance. 

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