Ketcher-Keheley Animal Shelter receives much needed improvements


The city of Miami’s Ketcher-Keheley Animal Shelter has received a much-needed facelift over the last several months.

The facility has hired on some new personnel, and has gotten a paint job as well as new flooring desperately needed to help with the kennel’s drainage issue. Meanwhile, the kennel has reached full capacity and is in need of volunteers. And, this year, the shelter is working to spay or neuter all pets in the facility to bring down the numbers of local stray animals.

“We’ll take all of the help we can get. What’s good about the volunteers is that they can come in and help us with everything that we do. Ya know, there’s a lot of volunteers, you get down to the nitty gritty, cleaning a kennel is not the prettiest job in the world. But it’s a necessary job, and there’s a lot of them that will come in and help and we’ll take all we can get,” says Terri Boyd, Animal Control and Shelter Manager.

The facility also plans to host a clinic for local pets to get microchipped. And staff are working on placing rescue animals with a family within 30 days of being in the shelter.

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