KDOT reintroduces bridge improvement program


KDOT has reintroduced its Kansas Local Bridge Improvement program.

Through the iniative, if a bridge meets the department’s criteria, it can qualify to be renovated by funds with the grant. Some of qualifications for the grant are that bridge must see 100 vehicles or less a day and the bridge must range between 20 to 50 feet in the length.

Crawford County applied for the grant back in 2014 and received some funding. So, this time around, county leaders plan on doing the same in the hopes to keep area roadways in good condition.

“The funding is crucial really because there’s only so much a city or a county can do on its own as far as trying to keep up roads and one and two bridges because they’re more expensive and it really helps to have that state money,” explained Jim Emerson with Crawford County.

KDOT has allocated about $5 million to go towards the grant.

Crawford County has about 200 bridges in the area and they will soon begin the process of determining which ones qualify for the grant.

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