KDOT chooses to fund Pittsburg’s Memorial Bike Trail


The Kansas Department of Transportation will be funding more than $8 million dollars worth of projects throughout the state — and Pittsburg was one of the lucky recipients.

The Kansas Transportation Alternatives Program has chosen to fund Pittsburg’s Memorial Bike Trail. The KDOT initiative was created to help improve 22 other bike and pedestrian pathways throughout the state.

“Here we rely a lot on private donations, we’ve done very well in that; help try to stretch those dollars to do even more work, is being able to access programs like this that KDOT manages,” says Cameron Alden, City Engineer of Pittsburg.

The new Pittsburg bike trail will be paved right outside of Lincoln Park on Memorial, stretching from Walnut to McNally and cost about $88 thousand dollars. And city officials say the addition of the trail is something they have been anticipating for a while now.

“We’ve been trying to find the funding to do this project really for as long as I’ve been on the board, which is 4 years. Because we recognize the need along this road here, Memorial Drive, there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic, especially when the weather’s nice. And there’s no sidewalk so it’s just not a safe area,” says Deborah McGeorge, Active Transportation Advisory.

“Memorial Drive project is one of the highest priority projects in that as well. And it just helps show just kind of the need of the overall community, and the community’s commitment to, those types of projects,” says Cameron Alden.

Selections were made after KDOT received more than 40 applications from counties and cities across the state, with requests totalling more than $35 million dollars. After careful evaluation, KDOT narrowed down the selection, funding $8.5 million dollars in projects total, including Pittsburg’s.

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